Fascinating in its scope, African art includes a huge variety of items, including paintings, statuary, masks and headresses, beadwork, baskets, metalwork and currency, weapons, textiles, musical instruments, furniture, and pipes. The field of African art is distinct from African-American art. The term "tribal art" is also often used to describe African art.

The large variety of African art is reflected not only in the different items that comprise it, but in its geographic reach: The continent of Africa includes 55 different states, or countries, according to the website Africa Check.

As one private collector of African art noted, African art is so varied that it is as difficult to summarize the field as it would be to make general statements about "American" art.

African art is gradually gaining in recognition, and those changes have been reflected in museums and permanent galleries in museums devoted to African Art. Within the U.S., museums focused exclusively on African art include The Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art, , and the African Art Museum of Maryland .

Several U.S. Museums also either have very important collections or permanent galleries devoted to African art. Some of these include the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, The Seattle Art Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Internationally, museums around the world with noteworthy collections of African art include the Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin; the Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico 'Luigi Pigorini', Rome; the Museum Africa, Johannesburg; the Museum der Kulturen, Basel; the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris; and the British Museum, London.

Several private collections comprised exclusively of African art either exist in museums or are exhibited periodically by galleries. They include the Leslie Sacks' collection of African art, (a 2013 exhibition was entitled "Refined Eye, Passionate Heart: African Art from the Leslie Sacks Collection"), the Allan Stone Collection (also includes African, Oceanic and Indonesian art), the Oliver & Pamela Cobb Collection, the Thomas G. B. Wheelock Collection (the art of Burkina Faso), and the Abla Volta & Alain Lecomte Collection.

In addition, tribal art fairs include the Parcours des Mondes - which describes itself as the "leading international Tribal art fair," the Salon International des Arts Premiers (the International Festival of Tribal Arts), Amsterdam's Tribal Art Fair (TAF), the AOA New York Tribal Art Fair, and London's Tribal Perspectives. In September 2013, the district of Saint-Germain-des-Pres in Paris hosted an exhibition entitled Parcours des Mondes (Journeying Across Worlds), and the October 2013 Frieze Masters will feature three prominent tribal art dealers: Donald Ellis from New York, Entwistle from London and Paris, and Galerie Meyer from Paris.

Other alliances of dealers include Madison Ancient and Tribal Art, an alliance of international dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures.

All in all, the field of African art continues to grow and excite.

Below is a list of galleries and dealers that specialize in African art. They all carry artworks for sale and they're operated by experts in the field of African art. Further down the page you'll find additional art resources, including recommended books on African art. Also, you'll find museums specializing in the art of Africa and other online resources to assist you in collecting African art.

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Galleries Specializing in African Art

Artwork from Africa and Beyond, LLC, located in La Jolla, California

Africa & Beyond
"Africa and Beyond is one of the country's leading galleries specializing in traditional African art." - KPBS Radio. Situated in La Jolla for over 23 years, the gallery offers the finest collection of traditional and contemporary African Art. We offer everything from contemporary crafts purchased from fair trade co-operatives, to the most superb and rare ceremonial objects. At Africa and Beyond, you can explore the many faces of African art, from contemporary Shona stone sculptures to traditional artifacts, creating a link between the modern world and the ancient past. 1250 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037, Telephone: (858) 454-9983. Website:

Axis Gallery - New York, NY
Bekris Gallery - San Francisco, CA
Berz Gallery of African Art - San Francisco, CA
Bruce Frank Primitive Art - New York, NY
Charles Jones African Art - Wilmington, NC
Contemporary African Art Gallery - New York, NY
Douglas Dawson Gallery - Chicago, IL
Galerie Walu - Zurich, Switzerland
Hamill Gallery of African Art - Boston, MA
Indigo Arts Gallery - Philadelphia, PA
Jay Etkin Gallery - Memphis, TN
Michael Hamson Oceanic Art - Palo Verdes Estates, CA
Picard African Art Gallery - Carmel, CA
Renaud Riley - 2R Ritual Gallery - Brussels, Belgium
Throckmorton Fine Art, Inc. - New York, NY
Tribal Art Hunter
Twiga Gallery - San Francisco, CA

Online Only - Specializing in African Art
Acacia Wood Carvings

Articles about Collecting African Art
Tips to Determine African Art Value and Authenticity

Museums Specializing in African Art
African Art Museum of Maryland - Columbia, MD
Museum for African Art - Queens, NY
The Museum of African Tribal Art - Portland, ME
National Museum of African Art - Washington, DC

Museum with Important Collections of African Art
Seattle Art Museum - Katherine White Collection - Seattle, WA
Fowler Museum at UCLA - Los Angeles, CA
     LA Times article about the Fowler Museum

Books on African Art
Recommended books on African Art and collecting art

African Art Magazines
African Arts (MIT Press Journal)

Online African Art Art Resources
African Art Museum - Reference to the artistic styles of Africa
African Studies Center University of Pennsylvania
Bayley Art Museum, U of Virginia, Electronic Exhibition Catalog
Chirs Witcombe - Art History African Art
Rand African Art - Extensive information
Bonhams's Auction House - African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art

Blogs and Online News about African Art
African Painters
Arthur Palmer - Aboriginal, Oceanic & Tribal Art
Detours des Mondes - French site
SocioLingo Africa


Art Bookstore
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