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For those interested in collecting art, art fairs are an excellent place to begin one's education. At these often huge events held in intriguing venues, one can see a wide range of works in a short period of time. While some fairs focus on a specific type of artwork, such as photography, prints, or contemporary art, others present a broader range. The work is usually of very good quality, as generally only top galleries and dealers can afford the cost of participating. In addition, art fair organizers work hard to entice the most renowned galleries in their category to participate; they will also sometimes selectively invite artists.

With the United States starting to get back to normal we want you to know that will continue to provide community art guides as we have for the past 23 years. We do this because galleries, museums, non-profit art organizations, artists and art fairs are important. We urge you to support them whenever possible. Be sure to call or check websites any art venues before attempting to visit them and get vaccinated. If you would like to be listed or featured in one of our guides please see "About Us" section in top navigation.

For first dibs on fine art (as well as over-the-top people watching), attend art fair opening-night previews. This is where you'll find the best selection and have the first opportunity to purchase artwork before the fair opens to the general public. Opening nights are frequently gala events, supporting one or more non-profit art organizations. While they're usually very enjoyable, opening nights are not always the best for contemplating art, given the crowds and buzzing atmosphere. Just the same, they offer a great chance to meet artists, socialize with the art community, and have a good time.

2021 Art Fairs
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2022 Art Fairs
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Enhanced Art Fair Guides
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Denver Fine Art Fair logo for 2021

DENVER FINE ART FAIR - October 28 - 31, 2021
The inaugural Denver Fine Art Fair is a "coming of age" celebration for the Mile High City in becoming the arts mecca of the Rocky Mountains. Featuring 75 select dealers from across the nation, Canada, Latin American and Europe. Showcasing important artworks, in all media, across genres, ranging from western, wildlife and Native American to Early American, modernism, post-war and contemporary art to serve the wide aesthetics of the region. Plus, also incorporating the Art Objects Show, featuring the finest in three dimensional collectibles - ranging from sculptures, art glass, and pottery to textiles and porcelain.


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May 2021 Art Fairs

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June 2021 Art Fairs

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July 2021 Art Fairs

  • Art Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    July 1 - 4, 2021
  • ARCO Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
    July 7 - 11, 2021
  • LA Art Show (Los Angeles, CA)
    July 29 - August 1, 2021
  • Felix (Los Angeles, CA)
    July 29 - August 1, 2021
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August 2021 Art Fairs

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September 2021 Art Fairs

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October 2021 Art Fairs

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November 2021 Art Fairs

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December 2021 Art Fairs

Guide to Miami and Miami Beach Art Fairs and Miami Art Week.
It looks like the 2021 Miami and Miami Beach art fairs are back on track to open in their traditional spaces with some virtual elements added. Miami Art Week we hopefully be back in full swing and we will be adding additional information as it becomes available. Our current guide will give you an idea as to some of the new directions art fairs are going in. Please note that this is a smaller guide than we normally produce for Miami Art Week and we hope that you'll find it to be interesting.

January 2022 Art Fairs

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February 2022 Art Fairs

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March 2022 Art Fairs

  • Art Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
    March 2022
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April 2022 Art Fairs

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May 2022 Art Fairs

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June 2022 Art Fairs

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Other 2022 Art Fairs

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Denver Fine Art Fair logo for 2021, 070521

Denver Fine Art Fair
October 28 - 31, 2021
Denver, CO

Artwork by Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley, The Obama Portraits Tour on exhibition at Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York, August 27 - October 24, 2021, 081621

The Obama Portraits
Aug 27 - October 24, 2021
Including: Amy Sherald
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, NY

Painting by Raymond Hendler on exhibition at Berry Campbell in New York, July 8 - August 20, 2021, 081321

Raymond Hendler
Available from
Berry Campbell
New York / Chelsea

Print by Etel Adnan available from Leslie Sacks Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, September 2021, 091921

Etel Adnan
Fall 2021
Leslie Sacks Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

Art Basel logo for 2021

Art Basel Miami
Next Edition
December 2 - 5, 2021
Miami Beach

Artwork by Janet Taylor Pickett on exhibition at The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, March 6 - September 12, 2021, 071021

Seeing Differently
March 6 - September 12, 2021
Including: Janet Taylor Pickett
Centennial Exhibition
The Phillips Collection
Washington, DC

Artwork by Kiki Kogelnik on exhibition at Kayne Griffin in Los Angeles, CA, July 10 - August 28, 2021, 070521

Kiki Kogelnik
Available from
Kayne Griffin
Los Angeles

Artwork by Diane Arbus on exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, June 3 - August 19, 2021, 071321

Diane Arbus
Available from
Fraenkel Gallery
San Francisco

Artwork by Gary Petersen on exhibition at McKenzie Fine Art in New York, July 9 - August 20, 2021, 080421

Gary Petersen
Available from
McKenzie Fine Art
New York / Lower East Side

Artwork by Rita McBride on exhibition at Alexander and Bonin in New York, April 16 - August 20, 2021, 080421

Rita McBride
Available from
Alexander and Bonin
New York / Tribeca

Artwork by Elizabeth Neel on exhibition at Salon 94 S94 Design in New York, June 30 - August 27, 2021, 080421

Elizabeth Neel
Available from
Salon 94 S94 Design
New York / Upper East Side

Photograph by Esther Bubley on exhibition at Keith de Lellis Gallery in New York, August 2021, 080421

The Empire State Building
A Celebration in Photographs
August 2021
Including: Esther Bubley
Keith de Lellis Gallery
New York / Midtown

Artwork by Claude Monet on exhibition in Monet at Etretat at Seattle Art Museum, July 1 - October 17, 2021, 072321

Monet at Étretat
July 1 - October 17, 2021
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle, WA

Artwork by Ernie Barnes on exhibition in The Kinsey African American Art and History Collection at Tacoma Art Museum, July 31 - November 28, 2021, 072321

The Kinsey African American
Art & History Collection
July 31 - November 28, 2021
Including: Ernie Barnes
Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma, WA

Painting by Darlene Watson, title, I Saw Fall Starting available from, 091621

Darlene Watson
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Painting by Don Bishop, title, Field And Trees 201221 available from, 091621

Don Bishop
Painting, Oil on Canvas

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