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Western Artist Spotlight:
G. Harvey (Gerald Harvey Jones, American 1933- )

G. Harvey is one of the living masters of Western Art. Although this brilliant American impressionist tries to stay low profile, and shies away from publicity, preferring to paint, he is one of the most beloved and collected Western artists of all time.

He has been honored with a one-man show at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Archives in Washington DC. G. Harvey artwork is in museums and in the collections of Presidents of the United States, business leaders and Western art collectors world-wide.

He is one of only four artists to receive the lifetime achievement award from the Booth Western Museum, the largest permanent exhibition space for Western art in the United States, along with Howard Terpning, Ken Riley and Fred Fellows.

G. Harvey's cowboy scenes depict a life he is familiar with. He was born in Texas in 1933, and studied first-hand the life of a cowhand. His paintings depict the every day moments and the struggles of the men of the American West with understanding. His affinity for horses is apparent, as they are in almost every painting he creates.

Taking a note from the school of Edouard Cortes, the famous French impressionist painter of Paris street scenes, G. Harvey found a way to bring the painting of light and impressionist style to Western art.

G. Harvey's turn of the century American street street scenes are often filled with American monuments, characters dressed in period clothing, horse-drawn carriages, colorful flowers, and great light.

The nostalgic paintings depict a genteel time and an enjoyment of simple pleasures as well as great accomplishments through our iconic buildings, such as the state and federal Capitol buildings or the Plaza in New York, and more intimate spots like flower markets and toy stores.

Faith plays a strong part in G. Harvey's art and life. Basic values and an appreciation of America and what we have accomplished are portrayed in his paintings. Focus on the Family issued a series of his works as limited edition prints.

His paintings combine great story-telling, with wonderful technical skill and amazing talent. A G. Harvey painting would make an excellent addition to any Western art collection.

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